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Whether you knew this proposal was coming or it was a total shock, it’s just so exciting that you’re that one step closer to your big day! Before any planning starts, you’re going to need to take a step back and breathe. A couple of deep breaths before the list of questions begin that everyone will be asking as soon as you announce your engagement!

Celebrate Your Engagement!

Before we get into dresses, rings, and cake! It is so important to remember your engagement! Whether there is going to be a small or large gap between your engagement and wedding, take time out to enjoy this special time together! Throw an engagement party, have fun with it!


Now you’ve enjoyed your engagement. It’s time for some business! Everyone is going to be asking when your wedding date is as soon as you get engaged but you won’t have an exact date until you determine a venue and hopefully book it. Open the conversation about wedding times. (seasons, months). Spring- summer is the most popular, preferred dates should be flexible. Try and be mindful of holidays and family events, trying to avoid any conflicts.

Location Location Location!

Before you can set a definite wedding date, you’re probably going to need to talk about location. Take a moment and both close your eyes and visualize your dream wedding. Is it a small backyard wedding, or a beach wedding in Hawaii? Is it romantic and classic or more rustic? write down everything you see, compare with your fiance.  Open the conversation and come up with 3 options you’d both be happy with, tour the venues, explore the availability of each, write pros and cons, narrowing it down to one. But keep an eye open for inspiration, it can be anywhere.

The Budget

Finances are always a bit touchy. Once you know your timeline, work out how much money you can set aside a week, times that by the number of weeks until your wedding and that would be a realistic budget if you’re paying for this wholly by yourselves. Your budget will affect every purchase you make for the day so we don’t go way overboard!


Draft up a list of guests. Include all family and friends you might want to invite, it is a draft, after all, it can be changed! When thinking guests, remember your location, (fitting 400 people on a lookout could be a challenge!) If you’re paying for most or all of the wedding, remember, more guests means more money ( for catering is usually by per head).

Bridal Party

Now comes the exciting part we all think of! Choosing your wedding party! of course, you would already have your bridesmaids/groomsmen chosen out. The earlier you ask, the more they can help with making your day great! Ensure to tell the wedding party of any costs they may have, ahead of time. (Including attire, bachelor/bachelorette parties ..) Some brides and grooms do pay for bridal party attire, depending on the budget.

Venue (set your date)

Hopefully now with all things considered, you’ve narrowed down your favorite venue. Remember the earlier you book, the more likely you are to secure the dates you wanted! Remember when signing the contract, read the fine print. If there are any fees/the deposit.

Hiring Vendors

Whether you’re having a band or just a photo booth, it is important to book your priority vendors once you know your wedding date. Quality Wedding Photographers are always in high demand, research and book your favorite as soon as you know your wedding date! Vegan caterers may be harder to find, book them in with the priority bookings.


While the whole wedding process is always a blast, the dress is still the most important thing to a lady. Research dresses online, find the style you like and then book a fitting in your local bridal shop. Even check second-hand shops for your eco-friendly, cruelty-free wedding gown.

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