Honeymooning as a vegan has never been easier than it is in 2022. Following your 100% vegan bash, you’ll likely want to travel to a place that loves animals and the earth just as much as you and your partner do. Asia is a top spot with lots of vegan-friendly restaurants and attractions. South America is the place for adventurers. If you’re the type of couple that loves to lay out on a gorgeous beach all day, then the stunning Maldives may be just what you need. Bookmark this read and let us help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime vegan honeymoon experience.

Here are our top 10 (in no particular order) vegan honeymoon destinations for 2022:

1. United States Vegan Roadtrip

Road trip anyone? For honeymooners on a budget or those who want to keep it low-key, California is a one-stop shop for vegans and their lovers, especially on their honeymoon. From San Diego to San Francisco, a foodie’s dream takes you across the best of the Golden State. California is progressive and always on trend. And if you’re a veg head beach bum, then a California road trip is perfect for you. Just rent a van and go!

Our Go-To Vegan Eateries in California

  • Gracias Madre- San Francisco
  • Timeless Coffee- Oakland
  • Trilogy Sanctuary Care- La Jolla
  • Saturn Cafe- Berkeley
  • Mesa Verde- Santa Barbara
  • Yoga-urt- Glendale
  • Charlie Hong Kong- Santa Cruz
  • Bliss Cafe- San Luis Obispo
  • Cinnaholic- Berkeley
  • Cha-Ya Vegetarian- San Francisco
  • By CHLOE- Los Angeles

    2. Love in Spain 

    Looking for a destination with more diverse landscapes? Spain is a vegan-friendly country with a wide variety of vegan-friendly restaurants and hotels. Barcelona and Madrid are particularly vegan-friendly, with a number of vegan-only restaurants and cafes. There are such a selection of 100% vegan dine-in and take-out cafes and restaurants. We couldn’t narrow it down to one per town. This is your honeymoon, so you’ll be traveling a lot, right?

    Spain’s Top 10 Vegan and Vegetarian Cities

    • Granada has been declared the most vegetarian city in Spain.
    • Santa Cruz
    • Palma
    • Barcelona is a very veggie-city, with the most non-meat restaurants.
    • Salamanca
    • Santiago
    • Gerona
    • Tarragona
    • Valencia
    • Alicante

    Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Spain (rated by a local)

    1. Wild Beets
    2. Baratza Kafea
    3. Rayén Vegano
    4. Restaurante Bellaverde
    5. The Rabbit Hole Ibiza
    6. Bionéctar Organic Art Food
    7. La Camelia
    8. Cantina Vegana
    9. Foodbolin
    10.  Entre Pedras

    Read a thorough review from the original source here.

    3. Honey Moon in Asia 

    For vegans exploring Asia, there are seemingly endless vegan-friendly restaurants and attractions. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia are particularly vegan-friendly, with a number of vegan-only restaurants and cafes. From veggie pad thai, to garlicky ginger noodles, your taste buds will take flight on an adventure you could have never dreamed possible.

    10 Most Vegan-Friendly Places in Asia:

    • Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia: With 100+ vegan eateries to choose from, no vegan will go hungry here. The city is jam-packed with plant-based Buddhist- themed Chinese restaurants with other available options like faux seafood. 
    • Chiang Mai, Thailand: Enjoy a taste of traditional rice flour pancake, street food accidentally vegan that’s traditionally created with coconut milk. There are even all-you-can-eat vegan buffets that offer traditional Thai food. There is never shortage of dessert, either, so bring your appetite, honeymooners!
    • Bangkok, Thailand: With lots of vegan dining options to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat first. Thailand even caters to raw vegans, which is definitely something to experiment with, even if not raw!
    • Chennai, India: You’ll have to make lots of substitutions for dairy, but if you like Indian food, this is the place for you.
    • Taipei, Taiwan: With nearly 10% of their population non-meat eaters, you’ll be able to find lots of plants to eat here. You can even find lots of fast-food and Americanized vegan cuisine.
    • Hong Kong: Always wanted to try shark fin soup without the torture? Now is your chance to indulge in traditional cuisine, but made vegan!
    • Singapore: Perfect for gourmet burger joints and more.
    • Shanghai, China: Love the taste of meat but don’t want to kill the animal? We get it. This is so your jam, and with western-inspired foods, you’ll be sure to leave with a full belly.
    • Bali, Indonesia: This is where tempeh was born! You just gotta go.
    • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: From pre-packaged vegan meats to desserts made from fruits, you will find something for every palate here. Try their Mexican-inspired dishes and vegan eggs.

    4. South America + Vegan Lovers

    Are you the type of couple that decided to go backpacking for your honeymoon? South America is the place for adventurers. With its stunning scenery and diverse culture, it’s the perfect place to explore veganism together.

    An elaborate list curated by an avid vegan traveler. Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and their towns across South America. Perfect for a vegan honeymoon.


    • Casa Felix – Buenos Aires
    • Buenos Aires Verde – Buenos Aires
    • Arte Sano – Buenos Aires
    • Bio – Buenos Aires
    • Verdellama – Buenos Aires
    • Kensho – Buenos Aires
    • 011Vegan – Buenos Aires
    • Konu – Buenos Aires
    • Lorenza Vegan (Fast Food Vegano) – Buenos Aires
    • Alma Vegan Resto – Cordoba
    • Chirimoya Resto Vegano – Salta


    • Namaste – La Paz
    • Red Monkey – La Paz
    • Natur Center – La Paz
    • Cada Dia – Santa Cruz
    • Prem – El Arte de Vivir, Sucre


    • Las Chicas Vegan – Belo Horizonte
    • Cafe Bonobo – Porto Alegre
    • Refeitorio Organico – Rio de Janeiro
    • Vegan Vegan – Rio de Janeiro
    • Barao Natural – Sao Paulo
    • Vegacy – Sao Paulo
    • Anna Prem Restaurante Vegano – Sao Paulo


    • Planet Maestra (takeaway and shop) – Santiago
    • Shakti En Chile – Santiago
    • Vegan Bueras – Santiago
    • Vegan Bunker – Santiago


    • Rama – Barranquilla
    • La Esquina Vegetariana – Bogota


    • Manantial – Quito
    • Quinua – Quito
    • Vegkery (Vegan bakery) – Quito


    • House of Flavor – Georgetown
    • Isun – Georgetown
    • Veggie King – Georgetown


    • Alma Zen – Asuncion
    • Be Okay – Asuncion
    • Pink Cow – Asuncion


    • La Verde – Lima
    • El Jardin de Jazmin – Lima
    • Alma Zen – Lima
    • Golden Food – Lima
    • La Casa de Bea – Lima


    • Rincon Verde – Jose Ignacio
    • La Papa – Montevideo
    • Living Food – Montevideo
    • Vegan Wraps y Licuados – Montevideo
    • Mercado Verde – Punta del Este
    • Krishna – Punta del Este


    • El Gourmet Vegetariano – Caracas
    • El Gigante Verde – Caracas
    • Olivo Restaurant Cafeteria – Barquisimento
    • La Tienda Naturalista – Santa Elena De Uairen

    More on Peru…


    A vegan’s dream vacation. Not only home to alpacas and llamas, Peru has some of the most highly nutritious whole plant-based foods to offer vegan lovers. The town of Cusco is a must-visit for vegan foodies, offering unimaginable combinations of mind-blowing concoctions!

    The city of Lima, which is Peru’s capital, boasts its own vegan restaurants as well. One  of its top restaurants is Raw Cage Club, which serves raw burgers, bowls, and delectable desserts. The other is El Jardin de Jazmin, local fast food and indulgent vegan joint. Get your burger fill, pizzas, and a hefty dessert menu to match.

    You can also visit the ChocoMuseo, a museum that sells the world’s best non-dairy chocolate! Sounds like a lovely honeymoon to me!

    5. The Maldives Vegan Resorts

    The Maldives is a vegan-friendly country with a wide variety of vegan-friendly hotels and resorts. If you’re the type of couple that loves to lay out on a gorgeous beach all day, then the Maldives may be just what you need. There are even vegan-friendly all-inclusive resorts you can stay at during your time in the Maldives. Here are our top 5.

    1. Pullman Malddvies Maamutaa
    2. Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives
    3. Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa
    4. Heritance Aarah Maldives
    5. Oblu Select Sangeli

    6. Australian Honey Moon?

    Australia is a vegan-friendly country with a wide variety of vegan-friendly restaurants and attractions. Sydney and Melbourne are particularly vegan-friendly, with a number of vegan-only restaurants and cafes. Are you the type of couple who enjoys camping out at a festival. Look no further than Vegan Camp Out Australia. 

    Vegan Camp Out is the world’s largest vegan camping festival, which was originally founded in UK. Since its founding in 2016, it has transformed immensely and hosts people traveling from over 40 different countries to attend each year. 

    The camp out includes lots of music, speakers, workshops, and food vendors of all cuisines. There are also group activities during the day including yoga, fitness, dancing, meditation circles, and more. The 2022 dates are TBD at this time. This year’s original Vegan Camp out is hosted July 15-18th in England. Learn more about the event here. Maybe you can book it for your honeymoon!

    7. New Zealand 

    New Zealand is a vegan-friendly country with a wide variety of vegan-friendly restaurants and attractions. Auckland and Wellington are particularly vegan-friendly, with a number of vegan only restaurants and cafes. In 2022, the vegan culture is growing and evolving to be more mainstream, with plant-based diets on the trendier side.

    While NZ is famous for its luscious green landscapes, there are more delicious vegan options to try than you may have imagined!

    Delicious Must-try Restaurants in Aukland, New Zealand

    • The Unbakery
    • The Raw Kitchen
    • Giapo
    • Lord of the Fries
    • Wise Cicada
    • Hectors in Heritage Hotel
    • Tart Bakery

    Being Vegan Has Never Been Easier

    There are more places to be vegan now more than ever. With all our research, these specific destinations are just a drop in the bucket for what’s out there for a freshly wed vegan couple. Depending on your lifestyle and type of vacationer you are, there is no shortage of vegan love across the globe. Not to mention, some of the best vegan food you will ever eat in your life!

    Which destinations did we miss? Let us know!

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