Vegan subscription boxes are in and not going away soon. Nowadays, you can even forget about stocking up on toilet paper and just set it to auto-renew.

Living vegan isn’t always easy or convenient. Reading ingredient lists and shopping for groceries gets easier in time, but can feel overwhelming to a new vegan.  

Wouldn’t it make life easier to have your home fully stocked with the best vegan goodies at all times? We vote yes. These boxes are just too good to pass up. Here are our top eight favorite vegan subscription boxes you need to get your hands on asap.

Whether you’re a new vegan working hard to stay committed to your new awesome, ethical, and healthy lifestyle or a veteran who is looking for the hottest new vegan products, we got you covered. We did the research to help you choose your top pick(s) specific to you! 

Vegan Cuts – a Vegan Snack Subscription Boxes

Sourced from Vegan Cuts

Vegancuts puts together an assortment of at least 10 carefully selected 100% vegan and cruelty-free food or beauty items. A portion of every sale supports a vegan animal sanctuary. Each month, a new sanctuary gets selected. Always free US shipping.

  • Cost: $24.95/monthly Cancel anytime Subscribe here.
  • Most popular option: $134.70/6 months 

Try their Oversized Snack Box (for big snackers.)

Kinder Beauty Box- 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free Beauty Boxes

Sourced from Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Beauty Box is a skincare/makeup subscription that donates a portion of every sale to charities that help animals. Every month has a different theme with clean, organic, sustainable products for far cheaper than retail price. Once you create your profile, the products included in your box will be specific to you and your skincare needs.

Cost: $23/month, you get beauty products worth up to $165. 

This is the perfect gift for your animal-loving loved one.

Petit Vour Beauty Boxes–Clean Vegan Products Sourced From Fair Labor

Sourced from Petit Vour

Petit Vour is a clean beauty subscription box that prioritizes fair labor and ships worldwide to your doorstep. How? They source their products from businesses that adhere to progressive product standards. Plus, all of their products are non-toxic.

Cost: $18/month for the US and cheaper for longer subscriptions. For a 12-month subscription upfront, each box only comes to $15. You receive $50+ of vegan, cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. Can you say EPIC?

The House Plant Boxes–A Houseplant For You and a Houseplant For Me, Too.


Are you one of those crazy houseplant fanatics that talk and sing to your plants? Us too. What better way to show your love for someone (or yourself) than by delivering a new plant to the door? House plants beat flowers any day. From air plants to tropical foliage, and with hundreds of variations to choose from, gifting a new plant baby sounds like the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose from pre-potted to succulent to seed box and more. With so many plants to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. Boxes are shipped out every three months.

Cost: Starting price for first three months in $44.99

Sips By–Tasty Tea for Every Palette Subscription Boxes

top-8-vegan-subscription-myfilmagSourced from Sips By 

Reinventing the tea-connoisseur, Sips By is a monthly subscription box that is perfect (especially as a last-minute gift.) Four new teas are included every month + reusable tea filters are included. With a huge variety to choose from (at over 2k teas), it’s the gift that never gets boring and keeps food fun and innovative. Plus, each box is personalized based on your palette, so you may just want to indulge in this subscription for yourself, too. They also have teas for sale + mugs and accessories.

Cost: $16/month for four new teas–enough for 16+ cups. For a 12-month subscription, each box comes to $13.75

Bombay and Cedar–Luxury Vegan Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

top-8-vegan-subscription-myfilmag Sourced from Bombay and Cedar

This monthly lifestyle box helps bring your indulgences to life. Women and family-owned, you can shop aromatherapy or lifestyle.  Everything in this box is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You can expect anything from diffusers to books to snacks in your box. You can subscribe or indulge in a one-time box–the perfect gift!

  • Cost: One time box/seasonal box: $54.96 at $120 value 
  • The seasonal box: starting at $79.95 at a $225+ value
  • Both offer free shipping in the US.

Goddess Provisions–Hobby Subscription Box with Vegan Friendly Products

Sourced from Goddess Provisions

For the spiritual, divine, feminine beam of light in your life, nourish the goddess within with this subscription box. You can expect to find crystals, sacred space decor, jewelry, ritual tools, and more. Every item in every box is vegan and cruelty-free plus each sale plants a tree, making them an eco-friendly option. It may be unconventional, and that’s why we love it. Plus, every month there is a new theme, which gives you something to look forward to!

Cost: $33/month with a retail value of $80-$100 Bonus: Free shipping to US residents.

Vegan Wines Club–”A Club For People Who Care What’s in the Bottle”

top-8-vegan-subscription-myfilmag Sourced from Vegan Wines Club

Many folks don’t realize that not all alcohol is vegan. Vegan Wines Club explains the difference of their wine. With vegan wine club, you can enjoy discounted, organic, customizable wine selections.

Each season, you receive 6 hand-selected (mostly organic) wines based on your preference. Most cannot be found in stores, as they are not yet well-known. Each wine is paired with a fantastic vegan recipe + tasting notes and info from the winery. Plus, you have the option to add vegan cheeses to each shipment.

  • Cost: Signature Club: red, white, rosé, and sparkling $176/shipment
  • Light Lovers Club: white, rosé, sparkling $164/shipment
  • Red Lovers Club: exclusively red $176/shipment
  • Starter Club: 3 wines for $90 including shipping

Perfect for a gift to any wine lover to educate about veganism.

What are your favorite subscription boxes? Do you prefer food or lifestyle items? We’re so happy to live in a time where vegan and cruelty-free subscription services are the norm, and we are happy to indulge!

-Fil Mag