As veganism thankfully is becoming more mainstream, a quick google search for “vegan valentine chocolate” and you will be bombarded with loads of options! With thorough research, I can confirm that non-dairy sweets and treats is something that consumers are purchasing and asking more of. From big corporations like Nestle to mom and pop shops that are vegan from the start for all the right reasons…veganism is winning!

Personally, I do a little happy dance every time I hear another dairy farm in the United States claiming bankruptcy, but that’s just me. And if you’re vegan, you obviously understand why I would celebrate the ending to unnecessary torture and killing of innocents animals. If you’re someone who is exploring veganism but still consumes dairy, take five minutes to watch this viral Youtube video about why you may want to consider ditching dairy.

As we approach another Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for the perfect vegan treat for your sweetheart, friend, or parent. Or, maybe for yourself! Now, Valentine’s Day is traditionally centered around the gifting of chocolate to lovers because the treat is known as an aphrodisiac. But, with so many options for the modern-day vegan, why stop at just chocolates for others? We need some TLC too!

I wanted to compile the sweetest list of treats that you can buy for your loved one, guilt-free, whether or not they are vegan. Let’s help all the non-vegans out there realize that they won’t be missing out on anything this Sweetheart’s Day when they go dairy-free!

Luxury Brands

1. ZChocolat: While this company is not 100% vegan, their vegan options are literally to die for. From delicate truffles to indulgent pepites, this company stands behind very high-quality chocolate. This is definitely chocolate for rich people. $64 for a 22 piece truffle. Though, they do have a Covid promotion going on. This company is providing double the chocolate ordered for every single order at no additional cost! Their reasoning is that chocolate makes people happy and they feel that people could use a little more happiness amidst a global pandemic. Cool.

2. Hotel Chocolat: This website does not have many vegan options to offer, but they are significantly cheaper than ZChocolate. Enjoy fourteen mixed chocolates like pralines, truffles, and caramels for $25. Worth the investment? Maybe, but personally, I would rather support a fully vegan operation. In the same token, we want companies like these to know that their limited vegan products are in demand and will continue to be. This way, they keep producing more!

3. Cocoa Parlor: Build your own box of vegan truffles! Handmade, organic, and simply delectable. They have 27 flavors to build your box, with truffles at $2 per piece.

4. Lagusta’s Luscious: fully vegan, and super cool. They are more than just chocolate. They are a master of the crafting of fine chocolate. They also have sustainable/compostable packaging. Pricey? Very. Worth it? Yes, very much so. We all deserve to splurge once in a while anyway, right?

5. Dandelion Chocolate: Based in San Francisco, these chocolatiers stand behind their mission statement of “bean to bar,” meaning they only ever use two ingredients- cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. This company has a lot to offer from gift packages to pastries. Their traditional chocolate is made with beans sourced from various countries around the world. Their most expensive bar sells for $18 with the beans sourced from Venezuela.

6. SJAAK’S: Vegan and organic, this company has a large variety of vegan options with the most unique names out of all the websites I have visited. This company probably has the most reasonably priced chocolate bars out of the other elite brands. Though, their prices do get fairly steep when you begin to browse all the assorted boxes.

7. Coracao: This website has a fully vegan menu, and most of their chocolate selections are currently sold out! They are also mostly organic and fair-trade. 

8. Raaka Chocolate: This company offers a gift collection with a variety of eight bars. From bourbon casks aged to pink sea salt to green tea crunch, all chocolate is certified organic, kosher, and non-GMO. That sounds like a win to me.

9. Amanda’s Own Confections: fully vegan with unique items for sale like cookie dough and chocolate lollipops on a stick. Yum!

10. Rescue Chocolate: I really love this particular company because 100% of all proceeds go directly to an animal shelter or animal rescue. This company has partnered with over 700 animal rescue organizations and continues to grow thanks to patrons like us. This company is organic and fairly traded.

11. Missionary Chocolates: This company has unique products to offer like CPD truffles. Besides chocolate bars, they also sell other items like chocolate covered raisins, chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, and more.

12.Fine & Raw Chocolate: They have a lot of unique flavor combinations on this website, and at $5-$9 per bar, it better be good. They also offer other sweet vegan treats like a chocolate hazelnut butter spread and a chocolate relief package that basically includes one of everything. 

More Reasonably Priced, Yet Still Delicious Chocolates

  1. Trader Joe’s Sunflower Butter Cups
  2. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups
  3. Lilly’s
  4. Green and Black’s Mint
  5. Moser: Their sea salt variety is suitable for vegans.

This Valentine’s day, choose vegan. There are more options than there have ever been, and there’s no reason why we can’t choose cruelty-free options while simultaneously satisfying our precious taste buds!

If you have a non-vegan partner, don’t feel like you’re forcing your veganism on them just by getting them cruelty-free chocolate as a gift for a special occasion. Always remember that it’s perfectly okay to share a part of your life with others in meaningful ways. After all, the animals will thank you for it. Plus, you will help make a lot of non-vegans realize that chocolate doesn’t have to contain animal products to be tasty, and in some cases healthy!

Wishing you a sweet Valentine’s day.

-Fil Mag