Social media has become a go-to resource for people of all ages for inspiration, news, recipes, and more. These talented Black vegans are using their voices to educate their followers about modern-day animal agricultural practices. From healthy plant-based recipes to fashion, to lifestyle tips and podcasts, open up the ‘gram and get ready to follow our top 4 awesome, vegan, female Black influencers.

Tabitha Brown

If you are unfamiliar with who Tabitha Brown is, you are seriously missing out on a beautiful soul, passionate influencer, and awesome Black vegan! 

Tabitha adopted a vegan lifestyle after battling chronic pain and fatigue for many years. Back in 2017, she shared her first video review about a Whole Foods vegan BLT. Her spirit and spunk spread like wildfire through the internet. 

Shortly after, she was hired as a brand ambassador by the company to travel the country. She then created a Tiktok in 2020 where she shared more vegan recipes and life advice. She blew up on the platform as she touched hearts and influenced others to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Since then, she has made great waves across all major social media platforms. She was signed to an agency, made an appearance on Ellen, came out with her own signature spice in collaboration with McCormick, and even recently launched a Youtube cartoon series, among many other things.

Tabitha Brown has the ability to educate her followers through a compassionate and thoughtful approach. Through her non-threatening nature, many non-vegans make remarks that they can’t pass up her recipes, and they’re always delicious.


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One Great Vegan- Gabrielle Reyes

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Gabrielle is an award-winning singer, actress, chef, and author. She has been featured on Oprah, The New York Times, Buzzfeed Tasty, CBS, Popsugar, PETA, LIVEKINDLY, and way more. Who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with a beautiful, ethical, singing vegan? She is the host of the Colorful Home Cooking Show, and the Musical Cooking Show where she sings her recipes soulfully and has been vegan since 2011. 

Each Saturday, she hosts live stream lyrical cooking classes, available to the entire world! She has blown up around veganism with her unique and seasonal vegan recipes. She is also active on her Youtube channel where she posts new recipes, songs, and ‘truth talk’ on a weekly basis.

Diary of a Mad Black Vegan

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Jazz coined this name because she was mad about a lot of things. She was mad about all of the injustices in the world that most turn a blind eye to or don’t even know about. Jazz created her platform to educate the Black community on veganism through culture. She speaks greatly on how systemic racism and discrimination are inextricably tied to the animal agriculture industry. By supporting these industries, we as individuals are supporting the very thing we are all trying to fight against. 

Keep up with her through her website, on Youtube, and on Instagram. 

Dr. Judy Brangman

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As a board-certified internal lifestyle medicine physician, Dr. Judy fiercely utilizes the power of plants to reduce and reverse common diseases like diabetes and blood pressure among others. She offers one on one coaching to help people adopt a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. She is also available for booking to speak at your next event. 

Dr. Judy got her certificate in plant-based nutrition while she did her residency as she began to learn about the detrimental effects of a meat-centric diet. She has disrupted the medical field with her passionate advocacy for plant-based living. Her patients know her as “The Plant-Based MB.”

Support Black Vegan Influencers

Black History Month is a great kickstart to begin going out of your way to finding innovative and exciting Black influencers to follow. Fight the oppression by supporting Black artists, musicians, cooks, and more. Not just this month, but every month.