Whole Foods is known for its huge variety of delectable, difficult to find, vegan delicacies. From top-notch vegan cheeses to the widest array of tomato sauce you will ever see, Whole Foods is the place to go to find your next vegan fix. But what about our sweet tooth? Here are a few of the best store-bought vegan desserts you will find at Whole Foods. Some of these are scary good, so proceed with caution.

If you can’t find a brand at Whole Foods, you can most likely find it on Amazon. We know their stock is always changing and varies by location. We have linked all the products via Amazon! 

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Vegan Ice Cream

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When people first learn about vegan ice cream, they often don’t realize the creamy, decadent, and rich dessert they are messing with. Some folks think that just because ice cream is dairy-free, it won’t taste like the dairy ice cream they know and love.

But the truth is, you don’t need a cow 🐄 to make an indulgent, (and usually healthier) frozen dessert. My Fil Mag is big on ice cream, so we compiled our top favorites in the vegan ice cream kingdom. Yes, there are hundreds of brands to choose from. It’s always so hard to pick one!

  • Nada Moo: melt in your mouth, low-sugar, eat-an-entire-pint-in-one-sitting Good. 
  • So Delicious: The name explains it all. Our fave is the raspberry sorbet!
  • Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free: America’s favorite ice cream adds dairy-free options by popular demand
  • Nick’s Nice Cream: Low-cal, low-fat, keto-friendly. ‘Satisfies your sweet tooth without weighing you down.’
  • Oatly: Scoopable, gluten-free ice cream made from oats, and with ten flavors to try, you’ll never run out of options
  • Cado: Ice cream made from avocados means it’s healthy, right? 🥑 It’s also 50% less sugar compared to your ordinary brand, non-gmo, no added sugar, and more!

Vegan Cookies

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Who doesn’t love a good vegan cookie once in a while? Whole Foods has taken its cookie game to the next level. Many of their options are actually good for you, namely our personal fave Quinoa Cookies + Emmy’s Organics.

  • Soozys: Easy to crumble, gluten-free, and tastes like Chips Ahoy
  • Susan’s: Light to taste, perfect for dunking in coffees and teas, sugar free!
  • Quinoa Cookies by Andean Dream: Make a cookie healthy with this guilt-free dessert. Eat the whole bag guilt-free.
  • Emmy’s Organics: Soft-baked, chewy-goodness, and best of all, organic. Gluten-free coconut-based cookies that are moist and dense.
  • Lenny and Larry: The perfect post-workout, high-protein keto-friendly cookie. The massive cookie is best when served straight out of the oven so the chocolate chips can melt in your mouth.
  • Partake: Made with ancient grains, the flavors are chocolate chip, double-chocolate, and birthday cake, but it’s basically impossible to choose one. They taste fresh out of the oven, with the perfect bite. They are also allergen-friendly, especially for kids!
  • Catalina Crunch: This is the best low-sugar, high-protein cereal you will find. Created by a diabetic

Vegan Chocolate Bars

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  • Human: From cashew butter to hazlenut coffee, Human chocolate bars are vegan, paleo,and organic with no refined sugar or palm oil. We are admittingly obsessed with these bars.
  • Endangered Species: Who doesn’t love a vegan chocolate brand that donates to animals in need? Vegan + gluten-free, most of these bars are 70%+ dark, making them ideal as a regular treat that doesn’t give you a sugar rush.
  • Unreal: Can you say m&m’s? Peanut butter cups? Coconut bites that melt in your mouth? Unreal chocolate has the perfect name for the products because it literally seems unreal that this stuff can taste so good. Plus, they have less sugar, are a fair trade company, are gluten-free, and noon-GMO. Can it get any better than that?
  • Alter Eco: Pure dark cocoa, fair-trade, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, incredibly delicious. Plus, they make something called “almond butter bombs” aka ‘adult candies.’ Who could say no to that?

Vegan Candy + Goodies

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  • Justin’s: From heavenly spreadsto dark chocolate peanut butter cups, anything ‘Justin’s’ is a mandatory staple product in every household. Pack their squeeze packs in your lunch box. Guaranteed family-approved.
  • Made Good: Cookies and granola bars that are made from vegetables. Plus, they’re allergen-friendly and the vanilla bars taste like a rice crispies bar. Perfect for kids and adults like.
  • Enjoy Life: From brownie bites to apple cinnamon breakfast bars and mini chocolate chips for baking, Enjoy Life is also a pantry staple for the health-conscious vegan chocolate lovers.
  • Pur: Certified diabetic-friendly, non-GMO vegan, gluten-free, soy-free. Safe to chew during pregnancy

Never Miss Out on the Best Vegan Desserts Again

Living a vegan lifestyle is easier in 2022 than it ever has been. Companies are becoming more innovative by the day. There is nothing you need to live without throughout your vegan lifestyle. From vegan m&m’s to creamy ice cream, indulging is even better than it was pre-vegan. Remember, there is never any animal suffering required in a world where so many vegan alternatives exist! So enjoy your ice cream, chocolate bars, candy, and gum without harming any animals. Isn’t that the best part of all?

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–Fil Mag